The UL 325 2010 compliant RDX® commercial operator from Overhead Door Corporation is quick and easy to install. Superior safety features come standard. The RDX® line of medium and standard duty commercial DC motor operators is available in three models: Medium (M), Standard (S) and Standard with Hoist (S-H). RDX® is perfect for applications with requirements regarding limited space, quiet operation and quick installation.


Ease of installation
Pre-assembled, self-contained units save considerable installation time and require no additional equipment. The RDX® operator can be installed by one person.

No limit switch
Installers do not have to set open and close limits. RDX® adjusts automatically for less installation time.

DC motor
Lightweight and quiet operation with no thermal overloading

Soft start and stop
Less wear and tear on the door system, less noise, and minimizes cable jumping

Reversing feature
Auto reversing upon obstruction without optional sensing edges.

Built-in timer to close
No need to buy additional accessories. Closes automatically based on set timer and is very useful for special applications, such as unmanned fire stations.

Solenoid lock (optional)
Automatically locks and unlocks door upon operation.

Built-in memory
Slows down door upon third attempt to close after detecting an obstacle. Less wear and tear on the door system.

Compact design
Requires significantly less side room vs. typical commercial operators.

Service reminders
Installer can set up service reminders from controller every 2,500 cycles.

Cycle counter
The number of door operations can be easily counted.

All models carry 2 year or 20,000 cycle limited warranty.

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